Violation of Privacy? More like Signing it Away | Video Games; The Advancement in Technology

ipad-tablet-technology-touch-largeToday’s society is keen on connectivity. We want to be able to be connected to anyone and everything 24/7. If that connectivity is disrupted, we may feel that we are being cheated out of a service that we paid for. But that is exactly what we are doing; paying for everything that service has to deliver.

An article that Kevin McCann states outsiders can have access to when we sign up for social media such as access to our location, pictures, and messages. This isn’t limited to social media, owning an IPhone grants outside users to your information as well.

The interesting fact about this dilemma is that they are not hiding that they are doing this. Companies such as Apple and Facebook have terms and agreements that we have to agree to in order to update and use their services.

An argument that was mentioned in class is that we are forced to update our devices or apps otherwise we can’t use them. Within the terms of the update, it tells the audience that they would be tracking their usage. I feel as though this method is acceptable. If someone was not comfortable about larger companies having certain information, then they should not own a smartphone. The connectivity that social media and smart phones allow comes with a price that we agree to at the moment of purchase.

An interesting feature that smartphones and computers utilize is behavioral targeting. This is when the Internet tracks our recent web searches and provides advertisement based on our interests. Is this method ethical? I believe it is because we give permission

Recommend list based on my internet searches 

to these advertisers by not deleting Internet cookies. Personally speaking, I have always welcomed video game ads popping up on my computer every now and again. I have never seen an ad that I was offended by or something that hasn’t peaked my interest.

What is the agenda of the people behind the screen viewing the information? I am not sure. I am also not sure that there are even employed people that are being paid to filter through our information. A computer could be programmed to view us and summon our info at a moments notice when it is needed (when committing a crime or a scandal in a company). Yes the new apple update knows where I live or where I’ve parked and that could be terrifying, however, if something horrible were to happen to me, at least someone would be able to find me.

Amario_spritenother form of interactive media is Video Games. What began as sprites in the 1980’s are now full blown designed characters that can blink and breath in today’s times.uncharted-4-nathan-drake-15777213233_fb9dd6da9c_o

What was recently released specifically for Playstation, is Virtual reality. Virtual reality is a giant milestone compared to when they added analog sticks on a controller or when Mario began to run in a 3D space.

The future applications that VR can use is limitless. Now being able to visit your family while you are across the country is no longer an impossible idea. I can see a live concert without having to make the dreaded drive to LA.

pexels-photo-123335-largeIt is possible that Virtual reality can add to our entertainment but we can lose touch with actual reality. Many people suffer through depression and VR can be a nonstop escapism for these individuals. But this concept can be used to help people grieve if used correctly
. Imagine being able to go to Disneyland or Paris while you are feeling sad. That is a better alternative then turning to drugs or alcohol. VR can be used to have counselor sessions.

Today’s technology is being monitored but it also being advanced in ways that we can never comprehend. It’s making our lives easier and I am okay with that.


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